6 Unique and Creative Ideas for a Laundry Room

Laundry rooms are no longer basic and boring. More and more people are designing and decorating their laundry rooms or areas to be a part of the house. The reason is simple.

By the time the laundry is all ironed and folded, you probably spend more time in there, than you do a bathroom. Yet, so much time, effort, and money goes into making a bathroom more appealing.

But, the trend now is to focus more on the laundry room, and I’m going to give you some ideas on how to make it more special and unique.


Front Loading Washers

1. Build a Storage Island

If you have the space, build a storage island in the middle of the room. A nice sized island, with storage drawers or shelving on each side, and a top that can be your folding table will double your work space.

In place of shelves or drawers, you can have laundry sorting bins in side cubbies. Anyway you choose to utilize the side space it will keep items off the floor, while giving your laundry room an instant upgrade. If you ever choose to sell, it would make a great selling point.

You could even install a couple outlets on a side to plug in an iron, or a steamer.

2. Multitask Your Laundry Area

Getting a front loading washer and dryer allows for a creative setup for a laundry area. By placing it in a custom built cabinet with sliding doors, the space could multitask for you.

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LG Washers

If you have it in the kitchen you can open it up to use it for laundry, and then close it to use as a serving area. This is especially true if you put a beautiful granite slab on top on it.

Of course you won’t be able to do this, unless you have a front loading washer and dryer. I know LG washers and dryers have a nice selection to choose from, and are dependable machines.

You could also use fabric curtains to hide the machines. However, if it’s out in the kitchen area, I would personally opt for sliding doors to eliminate the risk of children and guests accidently brushing them open.

3. Use Hutch Style Cabinetry

Storing your washer and dryer in a tall hutch allows for you to have your laundry space just about anywhere in the house. A tall and stylish hutch can hide the washer and dryer, and will still have plenty of storage space for supplies.

This is great for when you want the laundry room to double as an office. It’s out of the way with the doors closed, and you could work without looking at a chore glaring back at you.

4. Clever Use of Space

Hallways are necessary for a home in order to link rooms. Other than that, they aren’t used much at all. If the hallway is large enough, especially in width, it could turn into a laundry center.

An efficient and clever design, along with some construction can turn your hallway into a new laundry space. If you have an office right off the hallway, and not using the closet space, the washer and dryer can be built into the wall, not taking up much width in the hallway.

This could all be enclosed with closet doors, keeping your hallway looking like a hallway when it’s not being used. Just make sure to keep enough width to get large pieces through, such as furniture, or a vacuum.

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Closet Laundry Room

5. Turn a Closet into a Laundry Space

If you have plenty of storage space, consider turning a closet into a laundry space. Stackable washer and dryers can be used in this space, to free up room for storing supplies, a folding table, or sorting bins.

When I was considering stackable, I found they have come a long way in functionality and quality. To find a high quality set, simply type in ‘stackable Electrolux washers and dryers’ (or any brand) into your search engine box to see what owners have to say about them.

One idea I think is clever is to add a shelf between the washer and dryer that pulls out for folding clothes, and slides back in when you are done.

6. Keep it Attractive

Take pride in your laundry area and keep a pleasant appearance. The more appealing it is to view it, the more likely you won’t mind doing the laundry. It also helps when guests want to see the house, because it’s inevitable that they will see it.

Here are some tips for the décor:

  • Wicker baskets on the shelves for storing supplies
  • Metal tins for storage
  • Hang, or set up family photos
  • Light and cheerful colors on the wall

You don’t have to spend a lot on the décor, but it is a part of the house and neglect will show, especially if you want to sell the home someday.

In Closing

My goal in writing this article was to point out that the laundry room or space is a part of the house. Creative and unique ideas can turn your room into a functional and attractive space, and create value in your home at the same time.

I hope I provided some ideas that you can use, or even get you inspired to create your own.


Melissa Cameron is a freelance writer, living in Texas with her family. She loves to write on topics that will help busy families save time and money. Because of this, her husband has called her a walking infomercial. When she is not writing, she enjoys spending time with her husband and 2 young children. Having recently discovered Twitter, Melissa is enjoying it.


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