Olger Fallas Painting of Maplewood New Jersey in Essex County offers many home improvement services for interior and exterior residential painting as well as commercial property.

Interior Home Improvement:

Interior Painting | Olger Fallas Painting

Interior Painting | Olger Fallas Painting

Trying to remove wall paper and old paint on your own can be time consuming, messy and sometimes even result in damage to your walls. Our professional staff is excellent at wall paper removal and paint stripping.

Not every home has perfectly smooth, ready to paint walls. Older homes can have cracks and crevices that make a simple paint job unsightly. Our staff is ready for these challenges using techniques like skim coating, spackling and plaster repair to ensure a flawless finish.

We are experienced at spicing up the interior of your home with artistic techniques including Vinyl Wall Covering, Wallpaper installation and Accent Wall Painting.

Even the slightest change to a room can add years of enjoyment. At Olger Fallas Painting we can assist you with the smallest of projects. From Custom Trim Borders, Decorative Molding, to Custom Staining.

Our professional experience includes full preparation of Sheetrock Installation to Basement Waterproofing.

Exterior Home Improvement:

Looking to do exterior work to your house? We are the people to call. Our staff has expertise in Power Sanding, Power Washing, Vinyl, Aluminum, and Wood Siding Painting.

If your house just needs a touch-up we can do Window Trim, Concrete, and Stucco Painting. Most home owners are looking to take advantage of every area available. That’s why we also do Garage Floor Painting and Deck Refinishing.

Commercial Industrial Painting:

Have a commercial property? At Olger Fallas Painting we recognize that commercial surfaces are different than your average home. That is why we are equipped to cover many different surfaces including brick, stucco, concrete, wood, stone, and metal. We use both airless spray guns and HVLP spray finish where necessary and also offer services in metal and cement paint removal.

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